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Senegalese Context

Senegal is a stable country in West Africa for decades. Our association Seneabrifoot promotes football, and also wants to promote understanding among peoples, harmony, fair play and work. Besides the football tournaments through our program of "Seneabrifoot street soccer," our association joined any activity aimed at well-being. Senegal is indeed a multicultural crossroads.


As last year some innovations have taken place this year for Seneabrifoot:

-        Having associated our activities to our friends and brothers living in our country Senegal

-        Having continued night tournaments that appointed "football 24H Dakar"

-        Having been invited by a Homelessworldcup partner in Burkina Faso and in Côte d’Ivoire.

-        Having been invited to the HWC 2016 in Glasgow.

-        Having promoted gender by initiation of activity devoted solely to women.


In addition to these innovations our association has organized monthly tournaments in four cities in the form of championships. She also had occasion to participate in some tournaments initiated by other associations.

- From October 10 to October 18, 2015 we were invited to participate in a tournament organized by an NGO called friend of Dakar, citizen movement

- From October 30 to November 1st to November 2015, we went to Burkina Faso with one of our female teams to participate in Ouahigouya, Burkina Faso in the tournament "Football Burkina initiative turn". We were invited by the partner of HWC in Burkina Faso Burkina called Initiative.

- We gave the reply by inviting a male team of Burkina initiative here in Dakar in December 1st to December 6th 2015. This invitation takes place as part of our monthly activities of "street soccer Seneabrifoot" involving teams of all categories of our association. The Burkinabe were housed in Dieuppeul.

- Literacy sessions conducted December 15  2015, workshops, visits and training center dedicated solely to the female gender. Conference.

- We were invited to involve our men and women teams in the tournament called "small pelé" which is a tournament involving youth U18, U17, U16. The tournament was held in a residential area of Dakar and other Marist district of Dakar between 6th and 7th february,   2016,  was organized by former international Alassane Ndour.

- In April  the 02,03 and 04, we were fortunate to schedule training courses 15 16 year olds made within premises Diarraf Dakar team first division championship of Senegal, through its secretary General sir Leonard Ndiagne

- We organized from 4 to 6 April in the city of Dakar "clean cities" operations with the support of Ministry of Transport.

- In Ndiambour, a provincial town, between April 20 and April 26, 2016 we participated once again like last year with the Ministry of Health in the fight against malaria by distributing mosquito nets impregnated. The following month we participated in the campaign against polio again in collaboration with the Ministry of Health. And the president of the club Ndiambour Gaston Mbengue, did us the honor of welcoming us to watch a game.

- In Guédiawaye, with several Senegalese NGOs and under the partnership of the Ministry of Health and international NGOs, Seneabrifoot our association participated in the fight against malaria. The campaign took place between 14 and 16 May, 2016

- Night Tournament called "football 24H Dakar" the second session. Awareness on the phenomenon of street children and mixed gender tournaments Seneabrifoot Association on 26-28 March.

- With the football team "the Diambar" located in Sali, tourist city, we attended our youth U18 and U19 in a sporting environment internship. Thanks to Mr. Pape Sarr the chairman and the Benin international Djimi Adjobi. This took place over two days on 14, 15, 16 May

- At Thies, provincial town close to the new airport, we did compete in U17 and U18 youth at the municipal stadium and have organized literacy sessions. Women session 28tyh May.

- At Yoff, Dakar town, we participated in the Olympics at the beach with the participation of national teams beach soccer the 7th July 2016.

- In July 2016 the management team was in Glasgow 2016 to attend the tournament HWC 2016. This is the place to reiterate our gratitude to Rachel and the President of the homelessworldcup Mel Young.

- At Guédiawaye, a municipality of Dakar, Expresso Telephony Company financed once again like last year, the holiday tournament we held for two months between July 20 and August 30 2016. The tournament brought together 10 teams in neighborhoods Amadou Barry stadium. And sensitization sessions dedicated to women about the disease due to poor sanitation and hygiene awareness.

- "Battle 2016" second edition September 11 th 2016 at the tabaski feast. Women tournament

-Seneabrifoot street soccer for women and Men the 1st and 2nd October 2016

- Detecting young talents sessions initiated by the Senegalese football federation and its president Singhor Augustine. This session is special and takes place before each second division match. This year it has taken place on may.

Monitoring and evaluation

Classification by sex and age





          < 16





















Financial and human balance

We got in donations and contributions during the past 12 months:

- 9000 000 fcfa from sponsors and companies

- 3 000 000 fcfa from government

- 3 000 000 fcfa from another NGOs to implement a program on education

-4 000 000 fcfa from contributions of members and honors members of our association seneabrifoot

We obtained a total of 19 million.

We have during this year incurred expenditure amounting to six million seven hundred seventy-five miles CFA francs (FCFA 6,775,000).

Our balance is positive at 11 millions fcfa about 17 000 euros.

We involved 856 young people in the different tournaments. We participated in 17 tournaments and training.

General goals for 2017

Seneabrifoot has set a goal for the year 2017:

- Increase the number of people followed by 60%

- Multiply the number of training sessions 2

- Reduce the number of lost seen by 4

- Achieve 70% socio-professional integration of young people

- Increasing the sponsors and the financial means to get there

- Diversify and increase the number of people impacted by our tournaments

- Increasing the number of female tournaments

Conclusion and Recommendations

Our two teams are ready for the tournament. And sponsors are willing to support our move to Oslo when holding teams Men and lady especially since a local NGO that promotes women has already guaranteed us support women's team.